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The job definition of the Family Physician agreed by the Leeuwenhorst group in 1974 and accepted by many educational bodies as the best available definition to date: ''The Family Physician is a licensed medical graduate who gives personal, primary and continuing care to individual, families and a practice population, irrespective of age, sex and illness. It is the synthesis of these functions, which is unique. He will attend his patients in his consulting room and in their homes and sometimes in a clinic or hospital.

His aim is to make early diagnoses. He will include and integrate physical, psychological and social factors in his considerations about health and illness. This will be expressed in the care of his patients. He will make an initial decision about every problem, which is presented to him as doctor. He will undertake the continuing management of his patients with chronic recurrent or terminal illness. Prolonged contact means that he can use repeated opportunities to gather information at a pace appropriate to each patient and build up a relationship of trust, which he can use professionally. He will practice in co-operation with other colleagues, medical and non-medical.

He will know how and when to intervene through treatment, prevention and education to promote the health of his patient and their families. He will recognize that he also has a professional responsibility to the community. Family Medicine: The recognition of Family Medicine as a speciality in its own right developed simultaneously in the United Kingdom, in Europe and in whole World. Family Medicine is a specialized discipline of medical practice just as Cardiology, Nephrology Gerontology, etc. National Prof. N. Islam plays a pioneering key role for the establishment and development of Family Medicine in Bangladesh. Dr. Robert W. Higgins, Former President of WONCA, has recognised his work by saying- ''The Contribution of National Prof. N. Islam in the field of Family Medicine not only will improve the health care in Bangladesh, but also will come to serve as a role model for many other nations who are searching for solutions to their health care problems.'' .